HMG-Linux warning of sample hmglow.c are removed...

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Re: HMG-Linux warning of sample hmglow.c are removed...

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marcobra wrote:@Roberto i will glad to help you (i use only Linux) it in my spare time, but i need some starting point to begin. Do you have some suggestion...
My skill are (Unix, dos, clipper->visual object->harbour some c and other...)
Well... I'm not sure what to say about that...

I had not any knowledge about Linux or GTK at the moment that I've wrote it.

I've simply went to and started to read documentation from the beginning.

There is not any secret about that. GTK documentation is very clear and easy to understand. No previous knowledge of Linux architecture or something like that is required.

I've not continued with the development beyond the initial experiment, basically because lack of free time to do it. Besides that, I guess that could be better skip the Linux stage to go directly to a web browser based approach (HMG Script).




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