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New Harbour Users Forum

Post by esgici »

Hi All

A new Harbour Users Forum builded in Source Forge : ... /index.php

Viktor, main developer of current Harbour said :
Viktor wrote:The goal is to attract end-users to this forum and become a useful
place for Harbour related discussions and information exchange.
We'd like to give this as a replacement for current (low-volume)
user's mailing list.

This forum is already advertised in some docs inside the Harbour
installation kit (in INSTALL f.e.), plus links will be created by the
Windows installer inside the Start Menu in the next release.

I hope there will be more publicity as soon as this initial stage is over.

I can just encourage all users to come here, register and make this
place a living forum, several developers have already registered.



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Post by luisvasquezcl »

thanks for the info
Luis Vasquez

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Post by Vanguarda »

Hi friends,

Thank for the info, Esgici

Paulo Sérgio Durço (Vanguarda)

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Post by Rathinagiri »

Thanks a lot for the info Esgici.
East or West HMG is the Best.
South or North HMG is worth.
...the possibilities are endless.

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Post by swapan »

Dear Esgici:
Thanks a lot for the information.
Thanks & Regards,
Swapan Das

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Post by millipede »

Hi, this forum needs a username and password,

On xHarbour there is a new site for downloading new versions:

[url] [/ url]

thanks for the info.

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Alex Gustow
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Post by Alex Gustow »

I'm trying to solve my problems with "getting mails from POP-server" yet... (I wrote about this task here - )
Grigory gave advice to me: "try to use xHarbour - TIP.LIB really correct only in xHarbour". (for example: I have 3 mails into mailbox; oPOPClient:CountMail() returns - in Harbour's TIP.LIB - 4)

I downloaded yesterday latest release (5 November) from (thanks, millipede!), installed it (by default - to c:\xHarbour)... But when I tried to run his xBuild.exe or other build EXEs - I understood that they works under XP only (but I have Win98 - and need to compile console app under Win98).

How I can do it? (something like Compile.bat in MiniGUI samples)

P.S. Sorry - my brain is some tied today... maybe bad weather :(

(2 hours later)

PROBLEM WITH "Getting Mails With Attachments from POP-server" SOLVED!

Grigory and Pasha (from Russian Clipper/Harbour/HMG-forum) helps me very much!

I recompiled my program (with little modifications) as console application (I need only console for this task - not any GUIs) with xHarbour compiler (and his TIP.LIB) - and all works done as I want!.. (BTW: now oPOPClient:CountMail() returns - in xHarbour's TIP.LIB - "right" value 3)

Ufffff... I never used xHarbour before (and I will use it in future only for special tasks like that) - but now I'm saticfied (and so tied) :)

I'll post working example tomorrow (maybe it will help someone).

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Post by sudip »

Hello All,

Can anyone tell me where to post Harbour Users' query? Very few of Harbour Users/Developers are visiting Harbour User's Forum :(

And Harbour Developers may feel disturbed if we (the users) post our queries in Harbour Developer Forum :(

If our query is HMG related, we have HMGFORUM, but we may have queries (yes like me ;) ) not directly related to HMG. Eg., I have some queries about win_prn class. I don't know where to ask. :roll:

Thanks in advance.

With best regards.

With best regards,

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