Low level function in UNICODE

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Pablo César
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Low level function in UNICODE

Post by Pablo César »

Important to know who is working with UNICODE. Now hb_fopen works with both and also opening with non-shared mode.
ChangeLog wrote:2014-06-27 12:45 UTC+0200 Przemyslaw Czerpak (druzus/at/poczta.onet.pl)
  * src/common/hbfopen.c
    * use _wfopen() instead of fopen() in MS-Windows UNICODE builds of
      hb_fopen(). It means that now hb_fopen() makes exactly the same file
      name conversions as hb_fs*() Harbour RTL functions, i.e. hb_fsOpen()

  * contrib/hbmxml/core.c
    ! fixed unnecessary conversions to UTF8 used for file names passed
      to hb_fopen()

hb_fopen( "sql_debug.log", "w" )
hb_fopen( "sql_debug.log", "a" )
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Post by bpd2000 »

Thank you for tip
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Post by serge_girard »

Thanks Pablo!

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Post by Javier Tovar »

Gracias Pablo César por el dato! :)


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