Simple Tutorial - 17 : HMG-IDE

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Simple Tutorial - 17 : HMG-IDE

Post by esgici »

A primitive description of HMG-IDE for beginners


Integrated Development Environment for HMG

Harbour MiniGUI Integrated Development Environment is a comprehensive and highly sophisticated project management and form design tool. It is also extremely facilitated to easily use.

HMG-IDE has four windows:


1. Main Window (Contol Panel),
2. Project Browser,
3. Object Inspector and
4. Form Design Board.

The fourth window is Form Design Bord and come when a "Open Form" or "New Form" command issued.

HMG-IDE Main Window ( Control Panel )

The main window is constituted on a menu bar and a tool box, having many command buttons with descriptive tool tips. This tool box may consider two sections: project management tools and form design tools. Form design tools are divided into a “main controls” area and a “builders” area.


The project management tools allow you all project based works with interactive manner. This includes building and running projects without complex batch processing and environment configuration tasks.

These are project management tools buttons :


You may use IDE for project management, for form design purpose or for both.

Project Browser

The Project Browser window has four tabs:

1. Modules,
2. Forms,
3. Resources and
4. Reports.


You can view, select and inspect all project elements in this window. Whenever you add or exclude a module (program source file), a HMG form, a resource or a report, IDE automatically updates the project browser.

Object Inspector

The Object Inspector window is for view and change properties and events of GUI elements in your forms.


You can observe and modify properties and events value of graphical elements of your form in the Object Inspector window.

Form Window

The form window is a chalk board for designing forms and directing its graphical elements. New or existing, when you open a form, this windows also opened by IDE. With only two clicks you can easily place controls on your form: the first on desired button of control in form design tool box and the second one is anywhere in form you like. After placed, you can resize and change its place by dragging.

When you placed a control in your form, IDE assign default values to its properties and events. Whenever you change these values interactively on the form, IDE also updates them internally. You can observe and modify them in the Object Inspector window.

HMG forms are designed “two way” manner. Saved in a readable format; in fact they are pure HMG source codes, neither binary nor cryptic. You can separately open, inspect and also modify them. When opened by IDE, they are automatically converted to visual form.



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