Mouse Question -> QuickEdit (ON/OFF)

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Mouse Question -> QuickEdit (ON/OFF)

Post by DenCo »

Hello Everyone,

With some of my console programs I've converted to Harbour, I have recently been playing with the mouse. That is all fun and going well.

My customers have not requested it nor do they even want it, but I've found a place or two in my Tbrowse screens where it would be ok maybe to have...
especially if you're feeling lazy !!

My question is not about the mouse,, it's about the 'quickedit' property setting on the cmd window. Myself and my users generally have this feature turned ON because we often copy and paste data to or from my software to someplace else. We like it...

My Harbour programs will not respond to the mouse with 'quickedit' (ON) .. Of course, I can click properties on the screen,, goto quickedit,,, click it OFF,,, then hit ctrl-c to refresh the cmd screen,, and the mouse comes alive and works as expected.

So,, I have looked before writing,, but today's question is:

Is there a method or setting I can use to turn 'quickedit' ON and OFF from inside my console programs ??


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Post by dhaine_adp »

Hi Bill,

I think there is no native function in HB or in HMG that deals with Quick Edit check box on a console. I'm sorry.

However if you're good at C, you can download and read this PDF. ... Format.pdf



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Post by IMATECH »

Code: Select all

If you need the content of the clipboard as a string, use:

To set the clipboard:
   hb_gtInfo( HB_GTI_CLIPBOARDDATA, <cData> ) ... tUEG9VMVMJ

thanks to:
Viktor Szakáts
M., Ronaldo


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