MR-Print: Harbour Print System (array, txt, prn, dbf => pdf)

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Re: MR-Print: Harbour Print System (array, txt, prn, dbf =>

Post by Hazael »

What I like in HaruPDF is that the final report looks very nice and professional but it demands a lot of work even with pre arranged functions (or methods)...

I also like the idea from having a “report engine” based on external TXT files. Look this one from Alexander Kresin (it’s old stuff but I like the idea):

I am trying to have something very simple but with professional results. As very simple I mean something easy to build and to do maintenance (reports may change all the time...)

I even think about creating a way for the user to customize the report...

Do you think it would be possible to use your way but mixed with Kresin's idea of "report engine" in a simple TXT file? Seems very flexible but I do not know how to put that in practice with HaruPDF

Thanks for your help.
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Post by IMATECH »

Hi Qatan !

You can create personal report's ( .prg files editable by users ) then run it as script :)

Code: Select all

// Prototype to Use ( Not Tested )
Function MR_Run_Script( cPrg )
   LOCAL oHrb

   HB_Compile( "", cPrg + ".prg", "/n", "/gh", "-IC:\MyApp\include", ... )
   oHrb := HB_HRBLOAD( cPrg + ".hrb" )
   HB_HRBDO( oHrb )
   oHrb := NIL

return( oHrb )

Also see the file:

M., Ronaldo


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Post by Rathinagiri »

By Report Engine, do you want the users to change some parameters during printing? Like, changing the orientation, font name, size, columns resizing etc?
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Post by Hazael »

I believe that more options you give to the user better it is.
Of course there is a limit of what the user should do to avoid it to be over complex. Should be very simple and clear.
I remember there was an ERP system that used Crystal Reports and you could cange/create reports. It was pretty powerful but it was a PAIN to do anything. You basically had to study a huge manual to understand how to configure it... almost useless (although you could make any report with it but after many days of reading the manual and configuring it).

Script is not really what I meant because it would be over complex to configure.

I like Kresin's idea but the final result is too simple (does not look nice) and you can not add logos, barcodes, lines, other fonts and colors.
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