new member from brazil

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new member from brazil

Post by magnus »

Hello, firstly forgive me my English,
because I am already so bad in Portuguese... rsrs

I am MAGNUS, I live now in Parintins, Amazon-Brazil.
I program in Clipper since 1.989, I began in the version summer´87.
And of there for here, more and more I deepened myself in this wonderful world
of the programming, mainly using Clipper.

4 years ago, I discovered Harbour and MiniGUI, what was the salvation of my profession,
because for speaking the truth, I was me praparando for changing of branch, because the
demand for "more visual" programs was leaving me angry, and later
of researching a little some other languages, I noticed, that it would be very complicated
of continuing programming, therefore I totally felt "free" in Clipper.
Then, suddenly one Harbour+MiniGUI appeared, that went the light exactly in the for me
end of the tunnel, but ae that I made a mistake was exactly, therefore if was not
"a light at the end of the tunnel", but, a wide light, that was for coming in my projects,
and to get better still more my work form.

Ever since, without thinking more than twice, lowered, and to install,
and I entered of face in this wonderful work tool, in which I am extremely
thankful to the friend ROBERTO LOPEZ, in which, I want congratulate him/it for this wonderful work,
that I know that it has been helping many around of the world,
and that with all likeness, I became his/her fan number one.
Some friends criticized me when I chose to use GO her,
because for me it was fascinating to see the screen that the system would be,
before even of compiling, therefore it was exactly that that unintentionally
I was seeking. Some friends criticized me,
because they said that clippeiro that is clippeiro makes everything in the hand.
But no that I want to be of the obstacle, I simply liked the
easiness that was in my hands,
and without giving ball to the comments, I redrafted all my projects in the
GO of Roberto Lopez. in the which I began in the version 0.99.77 of Harbour,
AND THE GO-06-26-2006.

After these 4 years, I came across many challenges,
but that atravez of a lot of insistence, and dedication, I went by all of them,
mainly counting with the friends' help of some of the several groups
that you/they exist around Harbour.

However, it began me a great problem to appear, because most of my customers
they were acquiring new machines, and the system began to present
a very big instability, generating many mistakes, no inside of the programming
but I wander of "windows". I began to research and I discovered that I was using
a very old version of Harbour and of the you GO. It was exactly there, that in an attempt
desperate of finding a solution, I left a post in one of the groups that participate
explaining my problem. Then, a friend of this forum, the VANGUARDA, was put
totally my disposition for helping me. And thanks to him, and to this forum,
I got to migrate for HMG 3.0, and finally I got to get rid of that "ghost"
that he/she was being surprised. It was not easy, for that the victory was still larger
after having gotten to migrate my projects for the new you GO of Roberto Lopez.

Like this, once again forgive me, me such bad English, and excuse me
if I came in a very extensive way, however, with all
my words, I leave my gratitude here, once again to the
ROBERTO LOPEZ, idealizador of Harbour-MiniGUI.
It is Once again thanking my friend VANGUARDA, for having made available
his/her precious time, in my favor.

Thank you for the oportnidade I accept me in this group, that at once
I dispose myself to help to any one that needs the help
if a simple programmer.

my gratitudes

Sicaf Systems of Computer science
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Post by Vanguarda »

Hi friends,

Hi Magno, welcome "on board".

Very nice have you in here.
This site, is our family on the web.
You will like that.

My best regards,
Paulo Sérgio Durço (Vanguarda)

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Post by Rathinagiri »

Hi Magno,

I am so happy that you are here with us to share your experience and knowledge.

Warm welcome and kind wishes,

S. Rathinagiri.
East or West HMG is the Best.
South or North HMG is worth.
...the possibilities are endless.

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Roberto Lopez
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Post by Roberto Lopez »



(Veritas Filia Temporis)

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Alex Gustow
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Post by Alex Gustow »

Hi Magnus! Welcome from snowly Russia!

What's a style! (it's not a joke - you write so enthusiastically and literary! it's a real pleasure - to read such texts!)

Welcome! Your expirience and enthusiasm will increase our common strength in Harbour+MiniGUI programming.

I started with dBase II in 1986 (or 1987), then moved on to the "Clipper-road" :) (summer'87 and 5.01) - and 3 years ago I found Harbour (and some later - MiniGUI). It's cool tools for all of us I think! And it's "open source" (so everyone can add his "two cents" to common "million").

About your "bad English"... It's much more better than mine - but (if we need) we have Google Translate :)

So welcome aboard to our family! Let's play together! :)

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Post by esgici »

Hola Magnus

Bienvenido a bordo :)




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Post by mol »

Hi Magnus!
Welcome from Poland !


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Post by dhaine_adp »

Hi Magnus,

We all do share the same experience with CA-Clipper, the freedom and simplicity of it. With it's death, we find it resurrected with Harbour and HMG. In jubilation, we found each other on this forum courtesy of Mr. Rathinagiri, exclusive for HMG (of course from the Master himself, Roberto Lopez).

In brief, this is the HMG Forum brotherhood, and of course don't forget to pray for Mr. Rathi's health, business prosperity and his family so that he can share us his blessings thru this free HMG Forum and of course for everyone here... :)


Danny (Manila, Philippines)

Manila, Philippines

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Post by Rathinagiri »

Oh! I don't have any words to thank you Danny.

From Alex's words, this forum is our "two cents" to the common "million".
East or West HMG is the Best.
South or North HMG is worth.
...the possibilities are endless.

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Post by luisvasquezcl »

Hi Magnus,
you are welcome.
Best regards from Chile.
Luis Vasquez.

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