Forum Enters into 7th Year

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Forum Enters into 7th Year

Post by Rathinagiri »

Dear friends,

There is a saying, "Well started is half completed". This forum was stated with the introductory remarks of our kind founder Roberto Lopez with this thread six years back. :) With his solid vision and untiring mission we had achieved a lot.

I don't know whether the doctrine of 'Survival of the fittest' is applicable to any other thing or not. We can surely say it is a perfect fit for the IT industry. Survival of this forum for more than six years in this ever changing field is a real challenge which shows the capability and role of HMG in IT. During these years, HMG has grown both horizontally and vertically. I am happy and proud that our forum is also lending hands to make this happen.

It is very easy to start a forum, but having grown up with 500 quality members across the world and 33000+ useful posts in 3000+ varied topics is not so easy.

Still there is a long web way to go. I wish HMG and HMG Forum can achieve a lot in the coming future. Thank you friends, for coming along, for years together.

Happy birthday HMG Forum!



S. Rathinagiri.
East or West HMG is the Best.
South or North HMG is worth.
...the possibilities are endless.

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Post by esgici »

Happy new year HMG Forum !

Viva HMG, viva Roberto Lopez, viva Sri Rathinagiri !
:D :D :D

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Post by serge_girard »

And of course: VIVA HMG and it's members!

Serge Now Is The Happiest Time Of Your Life !

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Pablo César
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Post by Pablo César »

Congratulations to all members of this community.

Happy year to the HMG forum !
HMGing a better world
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Albert Einstein

Javier Tovar
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Post by Javier Tovar »

Sr. Rathinagiri,

Congratulations for all these years dedicated to HMG,

Thank you.

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Jairo Maia
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Post by Jairo Maia »

I add for all above posts:

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Post by mol »

Viva HMG!
Viva Rathi!
Viva Roberto!
Thanks all of users!
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Post by EduardoLuis »

Happy new aniversary of HMG, and biggest thanks to all of the members of this fellowship.-
Special thanks to Roberto, Rathi, Claudio, Pablo Cesar, whithout his efforts and generosity HMG couldn't grow as today.-
No mather where we are or live, from south to north, east to west, all are near, we are a great community.- Thanks to all for let me be part of this.
As Esgici allways says: VIVA HMG.
With regards. Eduardo from Argentine.-

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Post by pctoledo »

Congratulations to all that during these seven years have made this forum what it is today.

Until now had not noticed this, but the forum MiniGUI in pctoledo site has threads with date 2005, 9 years old. I did not imagine this. ... &start=650


Clipper On Line

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Post by Steed »

Jairo Maia wrote:I add for all above posts:

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