PWCT: 1.1 (Magic) released!

Utilities like DBU, Make, IDE written in HMG/ used to create HMG based applications

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PWCT: 1.1 (Magic) released!

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Hi All

I have already released PWCT 1.1 (Magic)


[What is new?]

This release contains MiniGUI 1.6 Extended Edition (Build 60).
Special Thanks to HMG Team (Roberto Lopez, Grigory Filatov, Jacek
Kubica, Janusz Pora & others) for their *GREAT* work.

The translation of PWCT to italian language done by Arcangelo
Molinaro (Thanks to Arcangelo).

This release of PWCT contains a movie IntroPWCT - 32mins by Stephen
France (Thanks to Stephen).

Mahmoud Fayed
[PWCT Team]

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