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Re: Coronavirus

Post by mol »

I'm also interested in news about Esgici. He is absent too long.

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Post by EduardoLuis »

Hi Edward:

Be well and recover soon as possible. This pandemia is like a nightmare film.
I don{t know if you have any vaccine.
In my country we have too less vaccines, so we must take care all time, keeping most time at home and working homeoffice.
I hope you´ll soon be recovery.
With regards.

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Post by bpd2000 »

As per Saturday 17/04/21 testing I positive
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Post by Claudio Ricardo »

BPD ... I hope you are well and get better soon.
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Post by edk »

Thank you all for your good wishes for a speedy recovery. Now I have to be careful not to catch an additional cold or pneumonia.
I am still waiting for my vaccination. I will be less active in the forum for a while.
Lots of health for you my friends.

@BPD I wish you to survive this difficult time and may you pass the disease gently.

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Post by SALINETAS24 »

Cuidate mucho y mejorate..., verás que pronto volveremos a tomarnos una cervecita bien fresquita!!
Un abrazo virtual..
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Post by serge_girard »


We all hope for the best! Keep us informed, greetings, Serge

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Post by srvet_claudio »

bpd2000 wrote:
Mon Apr 19, 2021 4:48 pm
As per Saturday 17/04/21 testing I positive
I hope you are well and you recover soon!!!
Best regards.
Dr. Claudio Soto
(from Uruguay)

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Post by quartz565 »

BPD.. I hope you are well and you recover soon!
Best Regards,

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Post by franco »

EDK and BPD, I wish you well and speedy recovery.
All The Best,

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