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Post by mol »

Hi guys!
What about coronavirus?
Are you OK?
Are your families and friends or neighbours OK?

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Post by mustafa »

Hello friend marek
At the moment we are fine
depends on the area of
Spain is more active
Thanks for your interest

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Post by IMATECH »

Covid19 can't affect Health people.
Common colds are much more aggressive and lethal than this new communist virus.
*Look here again next year and be scared how China will grow up (will buy many affected busines by fear)
**Panic and Bargain (Stocks/Markets ! See the investors who are buying it right now)
***Some time ago H1N1 have born in the same place :twisted:
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Post by EduardoLuis »

Hi friends.
Although here In Argentina is summer time, we've registeted 31 cases, 1 dead, The others are under hard medical control. Last news reveleas that The goverment is planning to avoid flights from countries were virus is infecting lots of people like Italy, China, Irán. Till now it's a rumor, but Too many journalist on tv are talking about.
Surelly our goverment will implement strong decision because In some months will be In winter season. Are forbiden and cancelled lots of shows, and about football are whitout people on each stadium, only se can ear by radio or tv.
Anybody can minimize whats happening.
Hope yours and family have no infección.
With regards.

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Post by tonton2 »

Bonjour tout le monde,
Ici en Algérie 25 cas confirmés dont 2 morts et 10 sortis de la quarantaine et guéris.Bonne santé a tout le monde.
L'Algerie vous salut

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Post by quartz565 »

Hi Marek.
We are all present okay. Thank you!
There are currently a total of 139 patients and one dead in Greece.
I hope it doesn't get any worse ...
Best Regards,

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Post by fouednoomen »

Hello All,
At the moment in Tunisia we have registered until today 13 cases, 0 dead ,hope every thing going will .
Thanks for your interest
Foued Noomen

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Post by Anand »

1 dead and 79 tested positive in India.
Mostly persons coming from infected countries.

People are aware and taking precautions. Advisories is not to panic.



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Post by ROBROS »

here in Bayern (Bavaria) the most southern federal state of Germany, we have 500 infected persons and unfortunately one dead (an 80 year old man from Würzburg).
All schools and nurseries are closed.

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Post by dragancesu »

Maybe help, interactive maps of WHO for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation ... ee1b9125cd

Serbia: condition regularly, not many cases

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